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Now is the time to keep the connection between coach, gym, studio and clients.


When people cannot work out on site, or in person with trainers they turn to mass online content, but have no local participation or motivation and an erosion of community feeling.


fit4thefuture makes it possible to engage your clients, wherever they are, whenever they want to with member only live streaming and on-demand content.


It’s really simple, plug and play, no hidden fee software that works alongside other systems that you might have.


You’ll deliver a branded app and web experience for your clients and members, at the time when they need the help to stay committed to their goals, with a name and face they trust.


fit4thefuture partner with keyworker organisations across the UK and through these relationships encourage our clients to offer selected live streaming sessions, for free, to keyworkers who can search, and find live streams provided by local operators, giving a little back and fostering a greater sense of local community.


Individual coaches pay a one off set up fee ( link ) and gyms and studios pay a regular access fee ( link ) For every membership payment setup there is a flat £0.50 per month admin fee to cover all transaction costs.


fit4thefuture is for any coach, gym or studio who need to keep engaging and earning through lockdowns and in future as hybrid member models appear. It’s for the people who don’t sit back and wait, for those who move first and keep moving, keep earning and keep giving back to the local community. Add Video { Remove partner logos for now please}



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